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Welcome to my Gallery!   I have loved making images of nature for over 35 yrs. The Sky is my canvas. It is what draws my soul to freedom. You will see many of my landscape images revolve around the sky.

If you haven't heard of macro focus stacking then your in for a treat. I take many photos from 10 -50 and stack them together to get  remarkable 3D like macro images. It always reveals something you didn't see!

Panoramas are  created by stitching  images together to give a much larger and detailed image but that doesn't necessarily create long skinny images. Have a look!

Nebraska Is where I grew up and started my photographic journey and I still love with a passion. That is why it has a special place in my gallery.

All of my images are for sale. They may be purchased for stock work or as a fine print for your wall. A signed image of 12" x 18" or A3 start at US $150.00. I highly recommend having the image printed as a Metal print which infuses the image onto a thin sheet of aluminum. This creates the most intense vibrant color and an almost 3D appearance. This way the print is scratch resistant, has no glass to break, will not mold, is VERY lightweight, easily cleaned with a soft cloth and can be placed in wet areas such as bathrooms, under cover outdoors (away from direct sun) and indoor pool areas. These can be either a high gloss finish or a lovely satin, with or without a frame prices vary. If you find something you like please feel free to contact me. Prices and sizes vary and are negotiable.

If you just want to enjoy the images or if you want to leave a comment feel free to do so. All positive feedback is welcome!

Kindest Regards,



                   NEBRASKA 2015
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Take only photos, leave only footsteps, kill only time.
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